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Teaching English in Dębinka

Number of English lessons per week:

- grades 0-IV – 3 lessons a week; starting from grade II students have lessons in groups as small as 9 people,
- grades V-VI – 4 lessons a week in the proper level group,
- middle school students – 5 lessons a week in the proper level group.

The objective is for a Dębinka graduate to communicate in English fluently and at a high level. TO MEET THE GOAL:

- English lessons are taught actively using exciting and modern methods,
- lessons in other subjects are given in English once a month in order to broaden students’ vocabulary in the fields,
- the assessment of students’ results is based on Cambridge ESOL exams,
- extra classes are held in order to prepare students for the official Cambridge ESOL exams,
- we organize meetings with native speakers of English, who run workshops and debates devoted to social and cultural issues,
- we organize international student exchanges and trips abroad.


- our students achieve top results in the middle school final exam,
- every year a large number of students receives Cambridge University certificate (depending on the pupil’s age: KET, PET or FCE).

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